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Julia T. Betts Solicitors Costs...

At Julia T Betts Solicitors, we firmly believe in quality over quantity.

Our costs are designed to reflect not only the amount of staff and resources, but also the experience of our personnel if you so choose to take up our services.

Our average costs for property sales or purchases are:

Disbursements*Our feesHourly rate
Freehold Sale (Without mortgage)£15.00£1,050.00 £165.00
Freehold Sale (With mortgage)£15.00£1,150.00£165.00
Freehold Purchase (Without mortgage)£390.00£1,200.00£165.00
Freehold Purchase (With mortgage)£390.00£1,400.00£165.00
Leasehold sales (Without mortgage)£15.00£1,300.00£165.00
Leasehold sales (With mortgage)£15.00£1,650.00£165.00
Leasehold purchase (Without mortgage)£390.00£1,500.00£165.00
Leasehold purchase (With mortgage)£390.00£1,800.00£165.00

Additionally, our Probate fees are:

Our Average Fees

All amounts listed above are exclusive of VAT .  The current rate is 20%.  

The range is based on the usual time taken to carry out a transaction based on the hourly rate shown of £165.00 per hour plus vat.  At this rate, the work is carried out by Julia Betts, a solicitor of some 30 years standing and carrying lengthy experience in unregistered property matters.  Any work carried out by a lesser qualified member of staff, either qualified or unqualified is £120.00 per hour plus VAT.

Generally the cost set out will cover most situations, but there are times when a matter might become more protracted if, for example, there are defects in the Title and an unusually large amount of documents need to be considered and other circumstances which are notified to the Client at the time of sending out our 'Terms of Business'.

Disbursements (money that is to be paid to a third party) as mentioned in the tables above are those costs to which VAT is already added.  These are required in order to adequately advise our Clients towards an informed decision.  These would only be ordered after gaining the Clients consent.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Land Registry Documentation
  • Land Registry Fees
  • Search Fees

Any Stamp Duty Land Tax payable in respect of any purchase (freehold or leasehold) is not included in any figures set out here.

*There are many different kinds of potential disbursements but here at Julia T Betts Solicitors we endeavour to provide a tailor-made service and before acting, will provide an overview of what is/maybe required for your matter.

For a more detailed and tailored cost relating to your matter, please feel free to contact us at the office either by email or on the telephone on the number detailed on the right-hand side of the page.

Conveyancing and Probate matters can hold many pitfalls.  Here at Julia T Betts, we aim to protect our Clients by taking the time and giving the service and care that each case requires.

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