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What do we do in your matter?


  1. Initial Instructions and Property Information Forms are completed
  2. Submit Draft Contract Documentation upon receipt of Property Information Forms completed by you
  3. Enquiries raised by the buyer’s solicitor; we may require your assistance in answering these
  4. Responses to enquiries sent to the buyer’s solicitor
  5. Buyer’s solicitor confirms paperwork is in order and we obtain your signature to the contract
  6. Completion date and deposit confirmed
  7. Exchange of contracts: you are legally bound to complete the sale
  8. Completion: you are no longer the legal owner
  9. We will account to you 3 working days after completion



  1. Initial Instructions
  2. Investigation of title
    1. Title documents and contract
    2. Search results
    3. Paperwork completed by the seller
    4. Mortgage instructions
  3. Enquiries raised and replies reviewed
  4. Property Report produced and sent to you
  5. Property Report Meeting, where we summarise our investigation of the title
  6. Post Property Report Meeting
    1. Check all documents are in order
    2. Agree a completion date with all parties in the chain
    3. Deposit funds with us
  7. Exchange contracts: you are now legally bound to complete the purchase
  8. Balance of funds requested (unless completion and exchange take place on the same day)
  9. Completion: you are now the legal owner
  10. Stamp Duty Land Tax Return Completed and Stamp Duty Land Tax Paid no later than 14 days after completion
  11. Land Registry Application to register you as the new owner completed and title documents sent to you

We have produced our “Key Stage Charts”, which give a brief overview of the conveyancing process.  Our “Essential Information” document will provide more detail if you choose to instruct us on your matter.

At the conclusion of any matter, we generally send out a questionnaire asking for feedback on every aspect of the work we have carried out.  Having happy and contented clients and achieving the outcome they require is fundamental to this practice, which has been built up from inception over a period of some 30 years.

Taking into account the responses we have received to our questionnaires, we are confident that you can entrust what is probably the most important transaction you will ever carry out in your life, to us.

Contact us:

01623 499 080


5 Milton Court, Ravenshead, Nottingham, NG15 9BD

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