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Disputes can and do arise about almost anything. Whatever your problem or potential problem, seek assistance from us sooner rather than later. Do not let matters get out of hand. A problem shared is a problem halved.

It is a well-known fact that many families and friends fall out about money property and assets when someone dies. Such squabbles and circumstances can create great animosity and family feuds that often last for years and sometimes never resolve. Such difficulties can arise whether or not there is a will.

There can be arguments ranging from:

  • whether or not the signature on a will is a valid signature
  • whether or not the person who made the will actually had the capacity to be able to make it at the date it was made
  • whether it is a fraudulent will
  • whether the person who made the will was coerced into making it

The most unexpected situations can arise when people die and all manner of persons can claim to be entitled to benefit from the will or intestacy.

There are various Acts of Parliament that may need to be considered to ascertain whether a will is valid or whether the person seeking an interest in a deceased person's estate is entitled or not. In extreme circumstances, court proceedings may well be necessary to settle issues among feuding parties. The court process is lengthy and fiendishly expensive.

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